Yes, it has been a while since I last posted something. From the beginning of this year, I’ve been *so* busy that whenever I promised myself to post an entry, I would find myself exhausted and wanting sleep instead. I only got to write something now because I’m currently in Cebu and I technically have 3 days of no work in preparation for what my job has in store for me. I feel like I have saved enough updates already to finally share this with anyone reading.

My life has been more interesting this 2017. Last December, Gelo gave me a puppy for Christmas and we decided to call her Gypsy. I don’t know, I fancied the name at the time and it just matched my boho side. I was even planning to spell it as “Gypsea” but then I thought it was kinda too much. She’s a lean-type Pomeranian who likes kisses and kids. Needless to say, I’m happy we chose to get a dog! A cat wouldn’t be a bad idea either but we figured that getting a dog would make us more energetic and positive and motivated to get out of the house now. It’s been quite effective so far.

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My Road to Getting That Driver’s License

Ticked off the bucket list: Learning how to drive! It didn’t occur to me at first that I would actually push through with the plan of learning a new skill this year− let alone run errands just to get me a driver’s license. More than a month has passed since I processed my student permit and I feel that this would be a good timing to write something about my experience.

First, I’m still amazed up to now how lucky I am to get a car without having to pay for the whole thing. My dad gave me a Chevrolet Cruze as a late birthday gift. 🙂
I still have to shoulder some of the expenses though because according to my mother, that would make me feel more responsible while driving because I’ll know that a bit of the car’s price came from my own pocket. Can’t argue with that!

My student permit

It was not a good choice to get a car before actually knowing how to drive, but I made sure that before anything else,

I applied first for a student permit.
For those who don’t know what it’s for, a student permit lets you drive around under a professional’s supervision (like a permit to be a.. student). It’s like a ticket granting you the right to be taught how to drive. You also have to have a 30-day old permit before you can get that non-professional driver’s license, so it’s very important to have this as soon as you can. It lessens your wait time, at least.
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Weekly Favourites — Vol. 1

I’m gonna come clean: I loooove new items. Every weekend there has to be something new. It’s a bit materialistic (okay, not a bit), but this is how I de-stress most of the time. I’m just so happy with the new stuff that I have that I want to share them with all of you.

1. A new book

From Fully Booked, ₱945

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