Bolinao x Alaminos

Gelo’s birth week.

I intended to celebrate his birthday for that long because he’d been in Cebu for more than a month. It’s true what they say, you’ll never love someone as much as you can miss them. ☺️
We sure had a lot of fun, although not as much as we had in our previous trips. We initially planned on going to Boracay just because, but he insisted on going on an island tour in Luzon. Welp, his call!

We left the urban jungle on Apr 9 at 8AM and went to Victory Liner in Cubao. They didn’t have any trips to Bolinao which was disappointing because that was the first place we were going to, so we rode a bus to Alaminos instead. It was for ‎₱393/ea and they have scheduled trips every hour. It also wasn’t a biggie for us since Bolinao is just around an hour from Alaminos. We left at 10:30 and arrived in Alaminos at 2PM. When we finally did, we took a trike from the bus terminal to the UV Express terminalBolinao-bound. Short ride, ₱20. The van driver will then charge you ₱50/ea and the trip to Bolinao only took us an hour.

The trike and van rides are only applicable if you’re gonna have the same fate as ours. If you happen to catch a bus going to Bolinao, then these two rides won’t be necessary. The right bus’ fare is the same as the amount we paid, anyway.

trikeOnce you get to Bolinao, you will have to ride another tricycle to go to the resorts. Almost all resorts were fully booked that time and the only resorts that still had rooms available were the not-so-clean ones. Our trike driver was kind enough to help us look for a decent place to stay. (Yes, we didn’t plan this whole thing out.) The entire trip to Patar Beach was for ₱200. Not bad for a very long ride.

This is kuya Rolen. He helped us a lot from resort-hunting down to acting as our tour guide. You can reach him through his number: 0999 572 8803

At 6PM, we finally found a clean resort: White Sand Beach Resort. We paid ₱2,000 for the night (check-out at 12NN the next day). The room was okay, it had an AC, a shower, cabinets, and a queen-sized bed. The downsides are: no rugs, no hot shower, and no restaurant. LOL those are important to me.

Since I didn’t know how to cook, we walked around the area and found a restaurant right across the street. The food was good, although not everything was available. We ordered fried chicken (good for 2) for only less than ₱200.

On our second day, we scheduled a trike tour around the city with kuya Rolen. We swam and enjoyed the Patar Beach while waiting for him. It’s obviously a no-no to compare Patar Beach with Boracay or Coron, but it still is a gem. With the white sand and clear water, we couldn’t complain.

After swimming nonstop, we were set for the Bolinao cave, falls, and lighthouse. The tour was for ₱1,500.

We bid goodbye to Bolinao after a half-day experience and headed back to Alaminos via UV Express to book another night at the Islandia Hotel. It was for ₱1,800. We chose that because it was almost dark, and Gelo wanted to hang out by the pool. Unfortunately, their pool was so dirty we couldn’t stay long. So we just had a staycation and watched movies like any lazy couple would do. 💘

Last day. We rode a trike to Villa Antolin for our boat reservation for ₱60. The boat was big enough for 10 people and we had it all to ourselves!  It was for ₱1,400 and I say it’s better than renting a public boat because the latter has a time limit per island. You can rent a boat for a cheaper price, by the way. We paid that much only because the smaller boats were already taken. Our boat was available for us until 5:30PM which was pretty reasonable. Prepare ₱100/ea for the environmental and entrance fees. If you want to snorkel, too, then add ₱200 more.

We totally enjoyed the island-hopping, especially the secret lagoon in Shell Beach, Camantiles Island (a must try!).

This was a trip full of resort-hopping, being lost, cuddling, “help me im drowning”, and more cuddling. Hooray for our 3rd & 4th adventures together.

Total spendings per person:


Bolinao x Alaminos

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