What I Wanted To Be vs. What I Became

If you met me when I was 6, I would tell you that what I wanted to be was an astronaut. I was so fascinated with the stars and galaxies and I always wondered what it would be like to escape this world. It reached the point when my aunt saw how in love I was with my dream job that she bought me books so I’d learn more about it.
But adolescence happened and like any other dream jobs people have, mine didn’t come true. I mean, consider all the expenses and the fact that I would have to leave the country to pursue my dream. It wasn’t a wise choice at the time. Since that was a no-go, my parents opted for what they thought was a better option: Nursing. That didn’t go as planned either. Being a nurse is difficult: You work all day with the fear of losing your license if you fuck things up, and you have to shell out more money to be hired abroad—because staying in the PH as a nurse is not exactly how you’d want to end up.

So, I decided to apply for a job that I will like. I became an English Communications trainer for people who wish to learn the language (duh) and apply in a call center, then I got promoted as an Account-Specific Trainer not too long after. I have learned so much about dealing with different kinds of people, from  provincial newbies to applicants who come with experience. Sometimes it’s a good shift, but there are times that I would chain-smoke because of a headache-inducing trainee. It’s all worth it in the end, because just like how our professors would feel after seeing us graduating, it makes me proud to see my trainees become successful. 😌

I often see posts on social media about how cheap the BPO industry is and how unfair it is for other professionals because a call center agent can earn as much as they do without a degree. I just roll my eyes because:

  1. I see people who give my job a bad name, and I sometimes can’t blame other people for hating us collectively. BUT, there’s always one in every line of business. Think about that.
  2. I am not seeing myself in the same workplace in the next 3 years anyway, so why stress over things I cannot control?
  3. I am not a call center agent. I support them, but I don’t have to be associated with the stigma that call centers have. I am not my job.

Whenever my colleagues would ask me about my plans when I resign, I always tell them that I have no idea. Not because I am clueless, but because it doesn’t matter. What only matters is whether I will be happy after or not. And I want to be the former. It doesn’t mean that I am regretful of being in a call center because I have met so many people and this molded me into becoming a better human being. I just think that there’s something more out there that I will love and as long as I thirst for that kind of adventure, I won’t stop searching for it.

Yes, I wanted to be an astronaut and no, it did not come true. But I am a happy work in progress and I know I’ll be happier someday. I guess that’ll do for now.

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