Sundate: Back to Bulacan

Week after week, I would miss going home to my family. Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow it that much and I can be such a lazy person to even stand the EDSA traffic just to see them in Bulacan. But despite the bipolar weather this week, I managed to suck it up and pay them a visit today.

I was an hour late due to sleeping late the night before (Gelo and I had a movie marathon— couple’s night) but knowing me, my family didn’t say much about that. I don’t really have a good rep when it comes to the time. So instead of them waiting at home, we decided to meet at this coffee shop my sisters had been telling me about: Café Nenzo. Too bad Alyssa wasn’t around to join us, as well as papa. Both of them were busy today with work stuff. Oh well! At least there’s another reason to see them all again next week!

Their food selections are surprisingly good, although when I ordered something with meat I had a terrible time chewing it.

This is my sister Andrea getting too excited with her meal!

This is my sister Andrea getting too excited with her meal!

Trio Cheeze pizza-- A must-try!

Trio Cheeze pizza– A must-try!

Karaoke at home! Plus we bought this cake to munch on.

Our family time was short-lived, though. We weren’t noticing the time until it started raining again. My mother insisted we left before it got dark but still invited us for dinner. Right at that moment, I suddenly missed being a kid. I missed her cooking, her conversation-starters over dinner, and just hanging out with her. It’s funny how all these things were just so little back then, and it’s sad that I didn’t really get to cherish every second. I sure hope I could visit them more often from now on, especially once everyone’s home.

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