And I’m In Love

Gelo and I have been together for 2 years— as of this writing, at least. We were one of those couples who everybody thought wouldn’t last. I think it’s because we seemed too different? Anyway, I met him when we had to help each other out for a work project. He was this interesting guy who was very smart and he also had this “I got this” attitude. When my friends noticed how immediately drawn I was to him, they started warning me about him. They assumed he was gay, all because he didn’t act like the “normal” guys. He would always have this childish way of humming and he hung out with girls a lot. They thought he was rather little peculiar.

When we got the chance of knowing each other better, that’s when I realized that he was just like me & everyone else: A kid stuck in an adult’s body. The only difference was he had no care at all, and I guess that’s how I thought he was a breath of fresh air. Yes, he was very different from all the other guys I dated, but ‘different’ isn’t always bad.

We started dating in January of 2014. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns at the beginning. It was actually a pretty bumpy ride. We stopped seeing each other for a while after a month of dating because of things outside our control (i.e. priorities) but without thinking twice, I made an effort for us to work. That was a first for me. I’m not exactly a person who would stay when the odds aren’t in my favor. But I did. 💘 You can say that us being together now was practically my idea. Hahaha.

This was his birthday surprise for me. Every last word on each paper was a clue to finding where the next letter was, and those were scattered all around my apartment. When he asked me to open the door, he was just outside carrying a cake with his right hand and holding a paper with the other with the word “HAPPINESS” on it. If that isn’t the most romantic gesture a guy can make then I don’t know what is. 😍

2 years into the relationship, he has become my best friend and partner rolled into one. We would travel together and have the best time of our lives. We would be seen laughing like a bunch of sillies with no care in the world. Most of all, my family loves him. I have never seen them like someone I’m dating to tag along in every out-of-town trip, AND get this: On Gelo’s birthday, my mother sent a video greeting to him. She’s never done that to anyone before! She was in tears while thanking him for taking care of me. I think I cried more upon watching that video.

But of course, fights also happen every once in awhile— From me being impulsive, to him being constantly forgetful, to being passive-aggressive, down to the “where to eat” arguments. What I like about us though is that we never publicly show or tell other people our problems. If pushed against a wall, we end up with white lies because hey, you gotta protect your own.

So how has it been so far? We are now staying in Manila in our own little flat where we act like kids at home most of the time. We also have this vision board that we created with places to go, home improvement ideas, and life goals. That last part was his idea. I’m not really one who would think of anything long-term but who am I to complain if my boyfriend’s already preparing for our future? Now that I’ve come to think of it, I haven’t been this sure about someone ever. He treats me really well, and I can trust him with my life. And I cannot wait to spend it with him for more years to come.

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