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I had always been a Blackberry user  and I thought I was going to be okay with my Bold until I gave up on the limited number of apps and the not-so-good camera. It was in 2013 when I finally decided to get me an iPhone 5, and then a 6 a couple of years after. So far, I’m loving the wide range of apps compared to my old BB. Most of the things are free, and the paid ones are not so cheap as long as you do your research.

Being a 3-year iPhone lover, I have compiled a list of apps that I consider my staples. Note that there are no games here. I am too boring a person for that.

*In no particular order*


Why it’s awesome: A good photo-editing app with that vintage hipster effect.

It’s almost the same as VSCO (which is also a gem btw), only this has the option of adding that circle frame (or any shapes, really) on your photo. Not only that, it also has wonderful filters, backgrounds, and instant film effects. I personally love how easy it is to crop photos here than on VSCO. This is also the main photo-editing app that I use for my blog.

Price: It’s $0.99 with in-app purchases of the same amount. I suggest you get this together with the Instant Film Pack.

Alternatives: VSCO, EyeEm


Why it’s awesome: You can put watermarks on your photos and download your fave fonts from any websites.

I have tried a lot of text-on-pictures apps but nothing can compare to Phonto. I first started with Typic and thought it was already okay but it felt so constricting as you go along. Phonto lets me use the original size of my picture and apply the font that I found from any sources — like DaFont, for example.

It doesn’t hurt that most frames that I need already came in free, too.

Price: For free. The in-app purchases range from $0.99 to $1.99. I haven’t tried purchasing anything yet because the basic ones are all I pretty much need!

Alternatives: Typorama, Fotor, Fonta

Day One

Why it’s awesome: Paperless and secure diary

Every new year, I would promise myself to be consistent in writing on my journal but unfortunately, my work doesn’t give me enough time to sit down and do that. That’s why I’m glad I found this app so that even during breaks, I could just type everything away. The good thing about this is it can record the number of steps you took while posting an entry for the day and it can be shared through email, Twitter, or a PDF form. It has a good interface, too. And since it’s private, this app has all of my posts that I’d rather not be publicized. My secrets’ all safe. Heh.
There’s a newer version of this, by the way.

Price: $4.99

Alternatives: Moleskine Journal, Grid Diary, Moment Diary, Path


Why it’s awesome: Unsubscribe to newsletters ASAFP!

Aren’t you annoyed by how many emails you’re receiving from companies whom you never thought you were subscribed to? I myself found it dragging to unsubscribe to each by tapping oh so many times. This app practically saved so many minutes of my life I couldn’t have gotten back.

All you need to do is to add your email addresses and Unroll.Me will show you a list of senders and give you option to either keep them or ged rid of them! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Price: Absolutely free

Alternatives: None that I know of (If you know any good alternatives, leave a comment below!)


Why it’s awesome: HSB, RGB, and HEX color codes at your fingertips.

This is very convenient for those who constantly update their blogs’ designs and/or into digital painting, perhaps. I’m using this for my blog and when I’m creating Powerpoint presentations at work. It can also look up good patterns according to your preferred color.

Initially, it will show you 5 colors. You can ‘lock’ up to how many of those you want so the app can look for other shades that can match the one/s you kept.

Price: It’s $1.99 which may NOT be worth it, but the desktop version is free. You can check it here.

Alternatives: Hex Color CodesSip Color

Office Lens


Why it’s awesome: Scanner for lazies

I discovered this when I was working in Cebu. It was my last day there and I was supposed to head to the airport in an hour when I remembered my expense reports. It’s a report of all the things I spent my money on and if there’s nothing submitted, the company won’t reimburse you. We’re talking about thousands of pesos here so naturally, I was panicking. The scanner in the office was nowhere to be found, but as a resourceful person that I am, I sat down and checked for my Plan B. I downloaded this nifty app and it’s just amazing how user-friendly it was.

You can scan not only pieces of papers but also whatever’s written on a board. It’s as good as any scanner can get.

Price: Absolutely free

Alternatives: Genius Scan, Tiny Scanner, iScanner

Adobe Fill & Sign DC

Why it’s awesome: Easily fill out an online form.

I’m pretty sure there are tons of apps that can do this as well but I was filling out a very small PDF form and when I was browsing through the list of PDF-writing apps, this one from Adobe seemed trustworthy so I gave it a shot. All I can say is it did not disappoint.

It also comes hand in hand with Office Lens because everything now— from writing to signing to sending the file— is hands-free.

Price: Free, with some in-app purchases that are up to $89.99. No need to buy.

Alternative: SignEasy, TinyPDF


img_3133.jpgWhy it’s awesome: Your separate journal about Aunt Flo.

I get irregular visits from Aunt Flo and from my experience, I DEFINITELY want to be ready for some murder in my pants. Clue reminds me when my period would possibly happen and it’s always been very reliable.

It also takes note of your pain scale, hours of sleep, and how bad your period is— just in case your OB needs to know.

Price: Absolutely free.

Alternatives: Period Diary, Period Tracker – My Calendar


That’s just about it for now! I’ll add more every now and then so check back in for more nifty, life-hacking apps. 💃

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