My Birthday Wishlist

There are 8 days left before my 26th birthday! Gosh, time does fly so fast and in just a few weeks, I’ll get nearer to the big 3-0. I’m not as excited as how I was a few years back, but a girl can daydream about the gifts that people will give me on my special day. I mean c’mon, sure it would be nice to be less materialistic. But I’d be lying if I say I don’t have a wishlist every year. 

To my friends and family: I’m in no way requiring you to buy any of the items below for me. Some are insanely expensive and impractical (although an iPhone 7 & a Macbook aren’t part of my list), and the others well, I think I’ll buy them sooner than my birthday because talking about them just made me want to get them fast.

My wishlist consists of:

Vibram Furoshiki Shoes

Photo from Vibram USA

Photo from Vibram USA

I wanna wear a comfortable pair of shoes when traveling! My Converse sneakers have been used and abused for a very long time, and I’d like to give them a break now. This pair from Vibram made me fall in love with it the moment I saw it on their website. It’s easy to carry & much easier to wear. You just wrap it around like a bandage, which means it weighs almost nothing and it’s good for a no-fuss person like myself. I am not sure if this is already available in the Philippines, though.

Bensimon Elly Sneakers

Photo from Amo Store

Photo from Amo Store

If I were to have an everyday footwear, I would choose this. It’s very simple, and it can go with almost anything! It’s around P2,295 if you buy it from Zalora and when you sign up to their newsletter, you can get P300 off.

Psst! I’m 9-ish, jysk.

Fujifilm Instax Printer SP-2

Photo from FujiLove

Photo from FujiLove

Now this is a long shot. A Fujifilm Instax Printer costs around P9,000 and unless money isn’t a problem this time of the year, I’m not expecting this as a gift from anyone (except my parents HAHA). But imagine taking that wonderful selfie after countless of trials and being able to print it out in seconds! I can just imagine the wall in my room being filled with hundreds of memories and thousands of pesos spent for the films. 😛

The ABCs of Journaling

Photo from Abbey Sy

I’ve lost touch in writing journals every since I became happier with my life in general. I think I’m better writing when I’m heartbroken and now that I’m not, I no longer feel cynical about a lot of stuff. I heard good things about this book and based on its title, I’d want to get some ideas on how to go back to my passion. Besides, I feel bad about not going to the book launch last Saturday so maybe getting the book as a gift will compensate.

Floral Maillot

Photo from Nudo Swimwear

Gelo and I will go to Boracay this weekend to celebrate my birthday and I could use a new swimwear while I’m there. This floral one-piece swimsuit is from Nudo, and if not this, I would choose another one. I’m all for anything floral and vintage when it comes to bikinis.

Sembrandt Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker

Photo from Kimstore

I’m saving up for a TV in my living room and adding this soundbar just under it will surely make the movie buff in me happy. It has a good bass and high volume which are perfect for binge-watching and playing music on a General Cleaning day! Kimstore currently sells this for only less than P3,000 and I don’t know if that’s a permanent price or what so until that changes…. 🙂

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