Weekly Favourites — Vol. 1

I’m gonna come clean: I loooove new items. Every weekend there has to be something new. It’s a bit materialistic (okay, not a bit), but this is how I de-stress most of the time. I’m just so happy with the new stuff that I have that I want to share them with all of you.

1. A new book

From Fully Booked, ₱945

Gelo got me this book since I might be studying French real soon. It’s always been my dream to learn a new language, my first choice was actually Latin because I wanted to translate a quote in that language so I could have it tattooed. Since Latin’s considered dead, I figured it wouldn’t be wise anymore. As for French, well, it just fascinates me how they speak, and I don’t wanna keep retweeting French stuff without actually knowing what they mean.

Besides, we might go to Paris soon so who knows? This might come in handy. ☺

2. A new wallet

From Rags2Riches, ₱1,569

From Rags2Riches, ₱1,569

We were looking for a good replacement for my old one today at Trinoma. My wallet’s already worn out, and because I’ve been putting my phones in it, it already has some tears. We bought this from Rags2Riches and I just fell in love with how old-looking it is. I’m a sucker for those things. It’s big enough for my phones too!

3. Skincare products

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Nuxe makeup remover & cleanser ₱1,150, Elf foundation ₱450, and Covergirl primer ₱400

Taking care of my skin is something I’ve not done for some time now. I was feeling #adulting this weekend and decided to buy these products just to give them a try. My skincare routine mainly consists of a cleanser and a moisturizer so this splurge was kind of big for me. So far, I’m liking the results and I’m thinking of getting more for the sake of beauty. 💖

The makeup remover + cleanser is really good. It smells great and my face feels clean and soft after I use it. It also dissolves my makeup, although I still feel I should get a separate makeup remover like Banila co. which is already in my shopping cart. Heh.

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