Blogging Ideas for the Clueless

I haven’t been posting anything lately and some of you might think that I’m just too busy at work (I sorta am) but in truth, I have lots and lots of drafts on my account. I just don’t get to finish any of them! I would suddenly get brain farts so I end up creating one post after another— even though that other one isn’t finished yet.

While I was on my 3rd draft, I decided to take a break and go around the internet. I stumbled upon Helga’s blog and saw that I’m not the only one who gets stuck somehow in the middle of writing, which is a big relief because I was starting to get disappointed with how I was doing.

So for those who have run out of creative juices, here are some blog post ideas to motivate you again: Continue Reading

Boracay Island

By now, a lot of us might have already gone to Boracay or at least have listed this place on a bucket list. I mean, why not? it’s one of the best beaches in our country. As for me, I chose going back because I wanted to replace my not-so-good experience years ago with something worth remembering. Besides, it’s Gelo’s first time going there and it would be fun to party at the beach on my birthday. It was also our first time travelling by plane together so I wanted a place far away from Luzon. We spent 5 days in Boracay and it was pure paradise. The weather was in our favor because it only rained while we were on our way to island and when we left, so it was always sunny whenever we expected it to be.

I have come up with some tips for those who have plans of going there in the near future. It was time-consuming for us when we had to do our own research and I know that you guys don’t want the same hassle, so below are the things to keep in mind when going to Boracay:

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Trainer Problems

Monday again. It’s the start of my work week and I can hardly wait for the weekend already. It’s been more than a year now since I got promoted to the second level of my training career and I just realized how amazing yet hard my job has been to me. It’s rewarding, sure, but there are days when it just takes its toll on you. Even the mere thought of you becoming responsible for the future of these folks you’re assigned to can be pressuring all on its own. What more the other stressful things you’ll face daily, right?

Be it a high school/college professor, an English trainer, or a program facilitator, we all share the same dilemmas when it comes to handling a class: From seeing confused faces even after asking “Questions?” to students asking for financial help when you’re broke yourself. So I’ve come up with a gif-filled list of some problems that we face almost every day in our line of business:

1. Handling difficult people can be a pain in the neck.

There’s always one in every crowd: A know-it-all, a drama king/queen, or just a straight up elitist. It’s tough to avoid involving your emotions when calling them out on their shenanigans. For instance, I had to stop myself mid-sentence just to make sure I wouldn’t get written up for things that would come out of my mouth. Yep! In the end, we might still be held at fault. I can’t help but feel sorry for my high school teachers now. This is karma at its finest. Continue Reading