My Birthday Wishlist

There are 8 days left before my 26th birthday! Gosh, time does fly so fast and in just a few weeks, I’ll get nearer to the big 3-0. I’m not as excited as how I was a few years back, but a girl can daydream about the gifts that people will give me on my special day. I mean c’mon, sure it would be nice to be less materialistic. But I’d be lying if I say I don’t have a wishlist every year. 

To my friends and family: I’m in no way requiring you to buy any of the items below for me. Some are insanely expensive and impractical (although an iPhone 7 & a Macbook aren’t part of my list), and the others well, I think I’ll buy them sooner than my birthday because talking about them just made me want to get them fast.

My wishlist consists of:

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The Week In Bullets — Vol. 4

A few days ago, I was busy browsing through lists of phones that I could choose from as a gift for my mother’s birthday. We were going to surprise her and my siblings & I were already planning where to celebrate and who to invite. I guess the universe had some other plans for us because we basically spent the week in a hospital.

Weekly Portrait

My father was brought to the hospital because of the stomach pain he’s been having for the past couple of days. Up to now, there is no diagnosis yet.

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Sundate: Back to Bulacan

Week after week, I would miss going home to my family. Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow it that much and I can be such a lazy person to even stand the EDSA traffic just to see them in Bulacan. But despite the bipolar weather this week, I managed to suck it up and pay them a visit today.

I was an hour late due to sleeping late the night before (Gelo and I had a movie marathon— couple’s night) but knowing me, my family didn’t say much about that. I don’t really have a good rep when it comes to the time. So instead of them waiting at home, we decided to meet at this coffee shop my sisters had been telling me about: Café Nenzo. Too bad Alyssa wasn’t around to join us, as well as papa. Both of them were busy today with work stuff. Oh well! At least there’s another reason to see them all again next week!

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iPhone Apps That I Love

I had always been a Blackberry user  and I thought I was going to be okay with my Bold until I gave up on the limited number of apps and the not-so-good camera. It was in 2013 when I finally decided to get me an iPhone 5, and then a 6 a couple of years after. So far, I’m loving the wide range of apps compared to my old BB. Most of the things are free, and the paid ones are not so cheap as long as you do your research.

Being a 3-year iPhone lover, I have compiled a list of apps that I consider my staples. Note that there are no games here. I am too boring a person for that.

*In no particular order*

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