Staycation in Tagaytay

The week has been covered in rain and thick clouds and it’s what kept Gelo and me glued to the bed all day. I personally hate the rain because I never had a good experience whenever it pours. But despite the gloomy weather, Gelo and I managed to celebrate our 2nd year together in the most weather-appropriate way possible: A staycation. We’ve had multiple staycations before when I was still in Cebu and each time was a blast, so we figured it was about time we had another. We made a reservation in Tagaytay through Airbnb and with our discount from referring friends, we paid almost a thousand bucks less! The overall cost was around ₱3,000 for booking a small studio unit at SM Winds Residences. We wanted a house to ourselves but we had to be practical! Anyway, we only had the weekend to spend this on. Our anniversary was supposed to be celebrated on the 5th but since it fell on a Tuesday, we decided to schedule this trip 4 days later.

Saturday came and we left Manila at 11:00 AM and headed to the bus station near the Buendia LRT. Grab had this awesome promo where you’d get a ₱100 discount if you paid via credit card so the trip was almost for free. It was a good timing too because we only had a few change and we were in a hurry— so much that we didn’t realize how famished we were until we got to Buendia. Good thing there were food stalls nearby so we grabbed food before leaving.

The bus tickets cost ₱83/each which was not bad for a 3-hour trip from Makati to Tagaytay (Olivares). The length of travel was no biggie to me because I slept through the entire ride and when I woke up, it was already time to get off the bus. We took a jeepney after and paid for the minimum fare of ₱7.50/each.

This was what welcomed us upon arrival. It was beautiful, at least to us. Haha.

First Stop: SM Winds Residences.

It was not even raining when we got there. It was just foggy, but it was a majestic kind of foggy! We walked in wonder around Wind Residences where we were going to stay, and we were so giddy because everything was completely white to us. We didn’t stay long outside, though. It became too cold for people who wore shorts there. Haha! We went straight to our room after meeting up with the owner’s assistant/caretaker.

This was the view from our room.

This was the view from our room. It was ice cold.

The place was great. It had almost all the things we needed: Cable TV, AC, hot & cold shower, microwave oven… The only thing it didn’t have was a WiFi, which was bad news because neither Smart nor Globe have good reception in Tagaytay. I think Wind Residences also has a pool but we weren’t able to try/see it. We were just so tired that we decided to just chill in the room. We ordered pizza and ice cream downstairs so we could enjoy binge-watching.

Gelo fell asleep at around 9PM and I at 2AM. He was so tired because he didn’t get enough sleep after work. I, on the other hand, continued on with the movies all night. When we woke up, he and I weren’t feeling so well. I think it was because of the pizza? The bad weather? I really don’t know for sure. I still feel sick even as I’m typing this. Anyway, it didn’t stop us from doing what we were planning to do. I cleaned a little bit before leaving (manners!) and we left the condo at noon.

Next Stop: Bag of Beans.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

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What you will see on the ceiling. Without the umbrellas, guests will be soaking wet. This is both smart & gorgeous.

The place had a good ambiance, and the food was delicious, too. You can choose between a la carte & a buffet which is for ₱595/head. I would have enjoyed the latter if it weren’t for my upset stomach that day. I had to lie to Gelo when we got there and he asked me to choose between the two. Knowing that he would really like a buffet for brunch, I assured him that I was okay with it. I was *such* a good girlfriend.

Processed with VSCO with b4 preset

Last Stop: Sky Ranch.

I couldn’t take any pictures anymore but let me tell you this: Star City is better. The admission rate by the way is for ₱80 only and each ride has a fee. The rides were okay, and I think they’re all designed for kids which is a good thing! But I was so excited to ride one of their Bumper Race cars and became so disappointed with what I saw. It’s just a circle where you go around “racing” with other players while riding an extremely slow car. It was frustrating to look at.

Their adult roller coaster was not that bad, though. It costs ₱100/person and you get to have 2 rounds of the ride. It hurt my knees because of the sudden turns but the feeling of fresh air on your face made it worthwhile. I would also recommend this ride to those who are scared of loops, because there won’t be any. It’s not yet showing on the Sky Ranch website but you’ll see it when you get there.

I started feeling way worse than I did that morning so after riding the roller coaster, we just settled in walking around the area until our feet went numb. So after an hour of people-watching and talking about random life stuff, we decided to cap it all off with some cotton candies and head home at around 4 in the afternoon. The rest of the day was spent recovering from what turned out to be a bad case of flu.

We didn’t have as much fun as we thought but that was okay. Gelo and I had been on opposite work schedules for 2 weeks now and just being with him was more than enough! Besides, a staycation was exactly what we needed to relax and be away from Manila. I honestly couldn’t ask for more.


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