The Week in Bullets — Vol. 1

Welcome to The Week In Bullets! It is a blog link-up and some sort of weekly lounge where you can talk about how your week has been with your followers. This is where I put my Project 52, the highlights of my week, and a week-ender anthem. 
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Weekly Portrait

This was the view from our room.

This was the view from our room when we went to Tagaytay for our 2nd anniversary. Ice cold, indeed.


  • Gelo and I just welcomed our 2nd year together last Tuesday. We couldn’t get out of town because it was on a weekday, but we managed to plan a staycation in Tagaytay for the weekend. I had never really seen the beauty of the place before and since we couldn’t file a week-long leave, it seemed like a good idea (and it was!).
  • It was a good mix of stress & happiness this week. I was recently tasked to train 15 new-hires at work and I especially like this class because I share the same personality type with them (Type A). That means I won’t have to control my facial expressions and remarks that much! We’re basically in sync when it comes to how we react to most things so I’m really positive about maintaining a good relationship with them.
  •  So far, though, it was a challenge training them without overwhelming them. I think it has always been a challenge especially in the nature of the job, so what I did was to show them the basics first before dealing with the complex parts. I tried to keep a balance by really making sure there were downtimes here and there, like games & adjusting their break times a wee bit, but I became pretty inconsistent with it. I think I unconsciously ignored the lack of fun because I focused too much on getting the job done. For now, as long as I don’t see them losing their marbles then I guess it’s safe to say they’re still okay, right?
  • I am a little bit closer to getting my much-awaited mirrorless camera! I’ve always wanted to have one but wanting it along with many other things, it didn’t become prioritized. I’m no photographer, but I will learn it as soon as possible. I think it’s going to help me take better pictures for my blog & something to hang around the house. I’m still choosing between Fujifilm and Canon.
  • Our flat badly needs additional furniture because the living room is currently just a big fat space. Gelo wants to have a sofa set so we can have as many visitors as we want, but I wanna go for a sofa bed so it’s multi-purpose and good for sleepovers. So far, I think I’m winning.
  • It’s now time to save up for our next trip: Boracay in September— specifically on my birthday! It was supposed to be in Coron but the flight is more expensive and I cannot with more spendings right now. I swear to go out of this country very, very soon though, just to make it up to Gelo. We weren’t able to go anywhere on his birthday last April because we just moved in to a new flat that time.
  • Since we have more travel plans to come, I vow to lose weight as early as possible. I think this is the biggest I have become, and it’s scary for me. I have a double chin now, plus I am wider than usual. I haven’t been feeling good about myself lately. I’m starting my new diet today and I’m gonna stick with it for sure.


Week-Ender Anthem

Since it’s been a rainy week, this song is what I find most relevant.

So these are the highlights of my week, what are yours? I’d love it if you shared!

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