The Week In Bullets — Vol. 3

I know it has been a very long time since I last updated my blog. Well, as always, work got in the way and I had to focus on the class I had to make sure everybody passed their certification. Now that’s over with, I can finally just sit down at home and type my heart out– until the next class’, that is. Sometimes I just feel like quitting and living the easy life, like the ones you see on TV, probably just living by the beach and surfing all day. I did try that once (not the surfing but the beach life!), but then I had to crawl my way back to the corporate life like a prodigal son coming back to his father. After being given a second shot at this it kinda feels scary to be ungrateful again.

So before I become inevitably busy again, let me keep my website alive by adding my weekly update in bullets!

Weekly Portrait

My boyfriend taking a break from catching those Pokémons.


  • I’m not yet that good with taking pictures, but I have scheduled a one-on-one tutorial with my good friend Kimmie! It’s actually frequently postponed because of the weather and other engagements but I’m gonna make that happen very soon, at least before our beach trip on my birthday!
  • It was very fun planning things a month in advance for our Boracay trip, by the way. We were going to book a flight to Coron but I couldn’t get myself to find a good deal for that. Luckily, there were still cheap flights available for Kalibo and since it would be Gelo’s first time going there, I decided to choose that instead. Planning where to go is not that hard, so I’m spending more time on jotting down the activities we’ll enjoy for 5 days. For the next 4 weeks, I will be working hard to avoid rice & sweets. It’s a big sacrifice, but nothing that discipline can’t do, right? You better work with me, body.
  • Despite the hell week that I went through last week, I still can’t help but giggle when I remember the good feedback I received from random people in the office. I even got a text from someone whom almost everyone is scared of saying, “…You taught them well”. That brought a smile to my face the entire day. 🙂
  • Our sofa finally arrived after almost 3 weeks of waiting and it’s bigger than what we were expecting. Not complaining, though! I’m just glad I didn’t buy a table yet or a TV rack or something. It’s L-shaped, so another furniture in the living room would have already consumed the entire space! Although a TV set w0uld be nicer than staring at a wall on weekends. This is why I’m broke.
  • I’ve been talking to my friends about career goals lately, probably because our company will be moving to a farther place sometime next month and I’m not too sure about coming with. I don’t talk too much about this especially to just anyone at work, because I’ll definitely get a response as annoying as “It’s just a little adjustment that you’re gonna make” or “If I can do it, so can you”. The thing is, we have our own reason for working and maybe proximity is important to me and I’m not too excited about the idea of packing my things and moving again.

Week-Ender Anthem


I need more indie songs! Recommend any? Let me know!

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